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"LOOK" it's the "NEW HOOK-IT"!!

    Thanks for dropping by.

     The "NEW HOOK-IT",  is a Great NEW Product for using when:  Hiking, Walking the Dog(s), Camping, Biking, Golfing, Watching a Ball Game, at Parties, BBQS, Tailgating, etc.. 

      Also great for people with Babies, always know where the Baby's Bottle is,.

     If you go outside in the Yard, or Garage, put your Cordless Phone in a  "HOOK - IT".   Never miss another Call again, or miss place your phone again.

      The "NEW HOOK-IT",   slides on to your Belt or Waist Band of Pants, Shorts, even some Bathing Suits, etc.




                   If you have any questions about the "NEW  HOOK - IT".   Please send me an e-mail at:




Please check the Photo Page, for more Pictures


            I will be adding more pictures, to the Photo Page, in the next few weeks.


    The  "HOOK - IT", will work with the following items:

    Babies Bottles,

    Cordless Walk Around Phones, 

     Hook it, on to your Golf Bag,

     Back Pack, when going to School, Camping, the Gym, .......

     Riding on a Skate Board, a Scooter, a Bike, a Horse, a Motorcycle....